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Two Week Social Media Detox Challenge

We believe social media has become a dark and dangerous roadway. The pending death of social media...

We do not feel we should place our clients at risk of needing to visit our social media accounts because of risky platforms based on information from whistleblowers who recently [2021] laid out harms that young people face because of algorithms and loose regulation.

Two Week Social Media Detox Challenge
Two Week Social Media Detox Challenge

When you’re in a habit, it can be hard to break. Most of us are checking our phones and social media far to often, so if you’re looking to cut back without going crazy and just tossing it in the trash, this is for you.

We really think doing these small steps will make you realize how nice it is to break away from the internet and readjust your mindset a bit. After this is all done maybe you’ll be less likely to mindlessly scroll through your phone all day.

Follow the fourteen day plan below. One item per day...

  • Delete unused apps

  • Turn off all push notifications

  • Start leaving your phone in a separate room when you go to bed

  • Unfollow people that aren’t friends or don’t interest you

  • Limit all social media to one 30 minute window

  • No checking your phone until all morning duties are complete

  • No phones during meal time

  • No Instagram or Twitter all day long

  • Put your phone away for two straight hours

  • No phone until after work/school

  • No Facebook all day long

  • Go somewhere and leave your phone at home

  • No social media all day

  • No phone for an entire day

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