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Alouette Mobile Home Park 2021

This year will be the last year of Christmas displays in the Alouette Seniors Mobile Home Park as the new 2021 park rules issued state this type of holiday celebration decoration is prohibited. Grinch like, but true.

Need help getting the perfect holiday photographs?

Christmas photographs of people that really shine have the focus point set on the subject’s eyes; the eyes show genuine emotions, that will make your portrait shots soar.

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This is where we look when talking to a person, and the same goes in Christmas photography, we automatically look straight to the eyes, therefore it is vital that they’re in focus. For group shots, you’re going to be safest using a wider aperture (such as f/11) particularly if there are children in the shot who might not stay still for long enough.

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To set the Christmas photography spirit in your shots, get up close with your subjects in order to fill the frame. One of the wonderful parts of Christmas is spending time with your family, who are more than likely already comfortable being photographed by you, so experiment!

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